Turning Machine Mono and Multi Spindle

These types of machines are suitable for complex processes for which a measurement tolerance of + or - 0.05 must be guaranteed which can be reduced to 0.05 obviously affecting productivity and consequently the fixed cost of production. All the lathes present are equipped with CUCCHI automatic loader.

News 2023: Turning Machine i with  sliding head HANWHA  26 II V S/F

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The checks are carried out randomly during production at intervals of 45/60 minutes with gauges connected to a PC equipped with a process control program, for multi-spindle machines, 6 samples are tested for each sample, while for single-spindle machines, three. Upon customer request, it is possible to provide a static certificate of batch control.


All incoming and outgoing material is weighed with an electronic scale and subsequently an identification label is printed before storage.


Olimpia, Debora and Rossella are always available to solve customers' problems and needs; collaborative and kind, they manage to establish good relationships with both customers and suppliers. Luigi is always available for technical advice and for the resolution of mechanical problems.